Hello World

Well it is almost the new year and I am starting a little early. I am starting another outlet for us musicians and composers who cannot seem to be satisfied with the things that are in our lifes at the moment.

I am starting another blog and place of reference where others can learn about the music of Mark Allan Wolfe, and Wolfie’s Music Publishing (WMP) Since I have been placing music with in Film,TV and the Web and everywhere else I have been getting alot of emails and calls from folks wanting to learn about how they can do it and how have I been doing it? So I decided to start a little Blog and hopefully I will be able to remember to fill it in from time to time with some good info or find someone who can LOL.

If you know me or have visited my website markallanwolfe.com you know that I make music and love it and that I have a passion for helping other people find and fullfill their dreams. Many just need a hand up or some encouraging words where as other need someone to come along and say , “This is how you do it” well I am in no ways a master of these traits but I have been learning and gaing in a few areas which no one told me about other than hard work, determination and persistence.

We are living in an age where you can go pretty far if you have skills, intestinal fortitude, a head of iron and heart that is pliable and able to be molded.If your looking for tools to grow your skills or learn from people who have been there done that than this might be the place for you. I do hope you bookmark these sites and come back often as well as comment too.

Look forwards to hearing from you as you can and ask as many questions as you want only please be patient with me in my response time and please do not be rude for we are all learning here right on?