Types of Music License

.Types of Music License

Well once again we have compiled a little more info on some catagories of music licensing. we are trying to help promote music and the education of our artist. If you would like to collaborate maybe share some thoughts feel free to add a comment.  Would love to hear from our fellow artist, music libraries

Master Use Sound Recording Licenses
Usage: License master audio recording with no use of visual synchronization.
License Types:

  • Audio Projects
  • Composition and Sound Recordings
  • Master Ringtone (Pre-Recorded music which play actual clips from sound recordings.)
  • Music Compilation (CD, DVD, PC Audio)
  • Public Space (Restaurants, Trade shows, Retail spaces)
  • Radio Ad or Production
  • Sampling, Remixes, Covers and Derivative Works
  • Telephone or Music On Hold

Print Rights Licensing
Usage: Generally sheet music, song folios, scores or notation in any printed or digital form released for sale. Once sold, printed music earns royalties from the print rights license which the publisher negotiated.
License Types:

  • Scores or notation
  • Sheet music
  • Song folios

Sync and Master Licenses
Usage: Use of master in synchronization with visual for film, games, video, etc.
License Types:

  • Corporate, Theater and Competition (unless no visual media is used)
  • Film Sync License
  • Games and Software
  • Internet Website, Flash
  • Products and Toys
  • Single Units (Wedding video, small quantity for profit)
  • Slide Show or PowerPoint
  • Software – Multimedia, All platforms, any use
  • TV Advertising
  • TV Show Sync License
  • Video (Music for Video, DVD or CDROM)

Composition Licenses
Usage: No sync or master, only license to record and sell the song’s composition.
License Types:

Basic Mechanical Royalty application: A mechanical right is the right to record and distribute (without visual images) a song on a phonorecord (e.g. CD) for private use. Mechanical rights or a mechanical license must be obtained in order to lawfully make and distribute records, CD’s and tapes.

  • Phonic Ringtones – Ringtones using standard MIDI sound files

There are two basic types of ringtones:
Phonic Ringtones and Pre-Recorded Ringtones.

  1. Phonic Ringtones are (most commonly) standard MIDI sound files that are either monophonic, where the ringtones are recreated using standard single notes, or polyphonic where notes can be played simultaneously creating harmony and/or counterpoint.
  2. Pre-Recorded ringtones play actual clips from sound recordings. It should be noted that the term ‘Pre-Recorded ringtone’ is not the standard (industry wide) term. They are also known as Trutones, Songtones, Master Ringtones, etc.

Personal Use Licenses
Usage: Non commercial usage, may be sold as retail product, offered for promotion or evaluation for commercial licensing purposes.
License Types:

  • Free Demo – for promo or commercial project evaluation only.
  • Personal Use – typical retail sales application. May not be used for any commercial projects OR purpose requiring other kinds of licenses.

Performance Rights Licensing
Application and Usage: The public performance rights most commonly collected via the Performance Rights Organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN, PRS and other PROs around the world. Their fundamental job it is to keep track of every single performance or broadcast of all works protected under copyright. Common uses include Film, TV and Radio broadcasting among many other public and live audience venue performances.

Mixed Usage, Special Licenses

  • Custom License – publisher/buyer negotiated according to exact usage, for example, blanket, per-program, exclusive or foreign rights deals, etc.
  • Stock Music License – some restrictions normally apply and vary according to publisher

If your looking to get an idea on some music to use feel free to visit one of the many places to utilize our music. There is a small guitar oriented library and catalog as well as a larger cata log to sample thru with more genres. Please also feel free to add your thoughts, comments and ideas that might help your fellow musical brothers and sisters in the journey to get their music out there.

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More Licensing Terms

Now I know I have posted a whole page on Music Licensing Terms I thought I would make a quick one for those of you who have NO clue as to what is going on. I am trying to help everyone get a better understanding as to the craft you are trying to get into.

For all of you out there who have the whole understanding maybe you can today or sometime do the right thing and try to share that knowledge with someone who has no clue. Pay it Forward so to say. Enjoy!

All Broadcast Rights

Includes Non-Broadcast, TV and Radio, Basic Cable, Internet, Premium Cable, Common Carrier, In Context and DBS

All Media Rights

(excluding Theatrical) Includes All Broadcast Rights as well as Pay-Per-View and DVD/Home-Video – unlimited copies and “all devices now known or hereafter devised”

Audio/Visual Production

Any production such as corporate, educational, government, etc. which is not for broadcast, sale or public showing where a fee is charged.


A commercial no longer than one minute Internet Production
Any production released on a networked telecommunications system (i.e. On-line) such as the World Wide Web through services such as Compuserve, MSN, AOL, Netscape, etc.

Local Commercial

A commercial spot aired in less than three markets, none of which are New York, Los Angeles or Chicago

Network Commercial

A commercial spot aired nationwide


A individual production released on Cable which is paid for by the viewer separate from the normal cable fees

Productions For Sale

Any production sold via catalog, special order, Internet, educational or government auspices as well as mass marketing to the general public

EZ Drummer Drums for your DAW!!

EZDrummer Drums for your DAW!!

This is a product that I highly recommend. I used this and other variations of it in a lot of my productions. I like it so much i thought i would let you know about it thru a friend of mine. If you would like to hear some samples of it visit markallanwolfe.com and sift thru some music samples or click here as well as this  click here

This is a classic and timeless piece of software regarded by many professionals worldwide as a ‘must have’ in the staple diet of any music producer’s plugin menu.

EZDrummer from Toontrack is a fast and ultra reliable way of creating professional sounding drum grooves for your production tracks straight out of the box.  As a drum sampler –  EZDrummer sounds fantastic, the GUI is top notch, looks great and there is nothing complicated about the way EZDrummer works at all.  Getting started, in simple terms, is as easy as loading the plugin into a host channel – choosing a preset kit – selecting a groove from the midi pattern window and pressing play to audition the sounds.

Building a linear drum part for your song using EZDrummer involves:  Auditioning and choosing your grooves, intros, outros, fills e.t.c.  then use a drag & drop method to flesh out the midi files as an extended drum part in your DAW.  You can then edit the midi parts to create variations if need be – mix the kit parts using EZDrummer’s dedicated mixer and you’re done!  EZ!  Of course, there are many more dimensions to explore in EZDrummer especially its custom kit design options and multi-outputs for processing the individual drum sounds through a host DAW mixer, but in essence, that is the workflow in a nutshell.

Kit Pieces:  EZDrummer as a VSTi is reflected through 3 feature user interfaces:  Default Drum kit  window –  Grooves Window, which stores the midi groove/pattern lists – and the plugin’s Mixer.  When first loaded  the default kit consists of 5 drums 4 cymbals with room and overhead mics.  Individual kit pieces are auditioned by clicking in the instrument areas and on the edges of kit pieces to audition rimshots and sound variations where applicable.  Or, by pressing the relevant key on a midi controller to trigger the drum sounds.   EZDrummer allows you to create custom kits  by changing the sounds of individual kit pieces and saving them as user presets.  On the edge of each kit piece in the interface is an arrow which indicates a drop down menu.  Use this menu to choose the different sounds you want on each drum.   For the kick drum, for example,  you could choose a different size of drum using a different type of beater.  The enhanced professional sound quality of EZDrummer is  generated through the several thousand expertly crafted multi-velocity samples of kit pieces taken from leading brand names, like:  Rogers – Tama – Ludwig – Sabian –  Zildjian (and more) – which provide a full and complete dynamic range to this remarkable VSTi instrument.

Grooves: In the Grooves interface of EZDrummer there are a whole bunch of midi pattern libraries representing thousands of captured professional performances translated into midi files.  There are a host of different genres in each midi library, and, depending on the EZX(Expander) packs  you own, the range of genre varies from Pop/Rock – Funk – Ballad – Metal – reaching across into the fields of  Electronic and  Latin percussion.  The detail of the midi patterns comprising the EZDrummer midi library is a producer’s dream.  Each pattern pays close attention to the dynamic in the rhythmic phrase and towards a performance nuance by including ghost notes and live performance hit velocities.  There are a refreshing amount of different time signatures with many different interpretations of the groove, such as: 6/8, 3/4, 7/8 – either played straight, with  swing or with shuffle.  Each EZ midi library is completed with tons of fills to decorate the phrase endings.

EZDrummer also provides 2 sweep dials at the foot of the interface: Humanize & Velocity dials.  The setting of these dials introduces a random element to the number of ghost notes and additional hits included in the rhythmic cycle of a midi pattern while also increasing or decreasing the hit velocity density and amplitude of the hits.  Again, these sweep dials add further detail and production options when working with EZDrummer.  Finally, when you drag and drop the midi patterns from EZDrummer to the DAW channel – all velocity information you program with a midi pattern is fully retained ensuring total replication of the performance.

The Mixer:  EZDrummer has a dedicated mixer interface which provides 9 mixer channels for all kit pieces including seperate channels that adjust the ambience of the room and overhead mics.   Interesting to note that the snare sounds from the default kit in EZDrummer have 2 dedicated channels (top & bottom)  with an adjustable mic bleed control affecting the amount of bleed from the bottom snare sound and from the overheads.  There are a limited number of mixer presets available from a drop down menu to the upper left of the mixer interface that switches the mixer interface into a variety of different panning and mix states.  However,  you can randomly generate mixer states by clicking the ‘randomise’ button –  useful when looking to get a feel for a final mixdown.

The mixer also allows channels to be grouped together by a simple shift & click on the number of channels required to form the group.  Once created, the actions applied to a fader on one channel will affect all faders  within the group.  However, the pan of each channel within a group remains independent and can be adjusted seperately, which is cool.  Finally, the mixer channels can be  assigned to 8 seperate stereo outputs and routed to the mixer of a host DAW where the individual kit sounds can be processed using the host DSPs or third party plugins.  All in all, EZDrummer’s mixer is detailed enough to create a flexible mix environment.

As a drum sampler/VSTi plugin –  EZDrummer, with its ready to go finished drum sounds, provides an incredibly simple creative workflow for drum part tracking.  The immediacy and speed of workflow enhances its qualities as an excellent song writing tool.
Further, all of its samples load into memory so there no clicks or pops on playback and the sound quality will always sit well in any professional mix.   For those in need of more processing power within the plugin itself I would recommend you check out Toontracks big brother of drum sampler/romplers – Toontrack Superior 2.0!  Either way, EZDrummer is a cool piece of kit and coupled with the numerous EZX expansion kits supplemented by Toontrack over recent years it could easily develop as THE ultimate ‘go to’ plugin in your production tool kit.

Whether professional or hobbyist –  since the  launch of the product in 2006 you must have of heard of EZDrummer? – if you haven’t –  welcome to planet Earth!

EZdrummer® Facts & Features
• 7000 sound files at 16-bit / 44.1kHz equivalent to 5Gb of uncompressed wav files.
• Instant access to more than 8000 midi drum patterns with prelistening, quick browsing and drag’n’drop functionality.
• Same extensive layer depth on all drums and cymbals as in EZdrummers big brother Superior Drummer®.
• EZdrummer® ranges from entry level usability to pro handling
• Features multiple microphone control
• TPC II reduces system requirements to a minimum
• Operates in General MIDI
• Internal mixer allows stereo and multitrack routing into the host through one single plug in
• Preset mix modes for quick sound changes
• Interface visualizes the drums loaded and combines auditioning and kit construction
• Drums recorded at Avatar Studios, New York by worldclass drummers and producers
• The humanizer function combines drum hit randomizing and non-cycling
• Velocity sweep allows instant changes to MIDI data, extending groove context relevance
• Possibilities for the user to add their own MIDI files to the library

For more information about EZDrummer go here…

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