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Music 2 Sync is the BLOG of Wolfie’s Music Publishing A publishing company for the new millennium. This BLOG is going to be filled with ideas, job briefs, teaching tools to help both composer and producer, and director alike. From the smallest to the largest there is some info to be learned for everyone.

We are going to try and post different ideas and maybe some new ones that you never have heard before in ways that will hopefully help you expand your sphere of influence. We are just trying to help out everyone that we keep running into. We will talk with them and find out that either they do not know something about how the industry works or have a desire to learn more. So I figured why not share what little I know and re post things that I have found helpful in the hopes to maybe share some knowledge with our associates.

This will also be a place to place job openings as they become available to those of you who happen to be signed with us. You will learn what projects are up and coming along with those that are in process now, when they become available.

Maybe you would also like to share some ideas or tricks that you have learned along the way in order to help make the industry a better place. For we all have learned something from someone or another in our life, why not share the lessons you have learned and share the love so to speak. You never know in this day and age who will learn from this or that.

For I am sure you find a host of information that will surely help you in your quest.

To start with I would like to have a simple poll to kick things off if you would not mind.

Rock on and remember to do it right the first time!

Send me a email if you have any questions or comments

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2 thoughts on “About US

  1. Hi Mark,

    Kevin here in Afghanistan; always Rocking and writing a lot more songs since we last spoke. If you’re still interested in my songs; give me a shout. Mark; you can check out my new songs at:

    I’d really like to work with you to take my Country/Rock/Pop/R&B songs to the next level!


    “Writing great heartfelt songs of truth for the world to hear from the “War Zone”

    • As always your music is AWESOME! The songwriting is prefect and the lyrics always have such meaning and deep understanding.

      I am more than happy to work with you and will continue to do so. I am glad that you found my new blog and all hope you like the new website Please feel free to email me and I will keep you posted. Thanks for all you do!

      Mark Allan Wolfe

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